2019 Four Streams Partners Golf Tournament (this is about way more than playing in the Golf Tournament!!)

(The Golf Tournament is over…But the adventure is NOT. On the day of the Tournament (9/16/2019), a donor challenged our Board of Directors and all of our Partners with a $20,000 Matching Gift that is now in place between 9/16/2019 and 10/31/2019. Every dollar given between those dates will be matched - dollar-for-dollar - up to $20,000. If you would like to DOUBLE your Kingdom Investment, look BELOW TO THE DONATION LINK. We so appreciate the tremendous response from all of our Friends and Partners at this time…)

  • This is currently the single fundraising event that we do as a non-profit.

  • Perhaps you would like to SPONSOR a Hole or a Tee and promote your business ($250)

  • Maybe you would like to Participate at a higher level and become a Corporate Sponsor (Platinum, Gold or Silver)

  • If you know us well and have benefited from the ministry, you may want to DONATE

  • If you know us Really well and have felt the life changing impact of the Weekend Retreats and Weekly Workshops, you may want to reach out to the people in your world who love and trust you and ask them to donate to Four Streams on your behalf (See Sample Email)

REGISTER to play, captain a Foursome or sponsor a hole or tee in the FOUR STREAMS PARTNERS 2019 GOLF TOURNAMENT


If you can’t play but want to DONATE, click here

Part of the 2018 field of 40 golfers. Our goal this year is to host 80 golfers.

Part of the 2018 field of 40 golfers. Our goal this year is to host 80 golfers.

4th Annual Four Streams Partners Golf tournament (2019)

Four streams Partners, inc opened its doors as a ministry to men in 2009

We began by hosting weekend retreats for men. The Mission Statement of Four Streams Partners is … “To Awaken Men to More LIFE Through a Transformational Relationship with Jesus”. Over time, we sensed that our call was to create a Community of Men who began to ‘wake up from the dead’ and grapple with the ways Jesus wants men to be shaped into His Likeness. We average five different weekly opportunities for men to gather and connect with God and with other men to explore what ‘Redeemed Masculinity’ could look like.

It wasn’t until 2016 that we kicked off our 1st ever fundraiser. We chose golf. Each year the event has grown in significant ways. It is an opportunity for men to connect. It is a chance for men who may know nothing about Four Streams Partners to rub shoulders with men who do. And whether or not you are a scratch golfer or a once-a-year duffer, you can have a ton of fun outdoors with guys.


There are lots of ways to participate…

You can Captain a Foursome

You can Register to play and we’ll assign you to a Team

You can Volunteer to help at the Tournament

You can DONATE (YEP, Click on DONATE)

We hope you’ll click the link below to check out some of the options. To get more information… and to REGISTER for a number of different ways you can join in (even if you can’t play golf that day), click the following link:

REGISTER for the Four Streams Partners 2019 Golf Tournament