Your contributions help support the advancement of the Kingdom of God in the lives of all men everywhere. Please consider partnering with us to see men live the lives God intended for them. With your support, men will be set free from lives of quiet desperation and experience actual RESTORATION by the mercy, power, love and grace of Jesus Christ. 

Monthly (on-Going) Investment

Other Amount

Annual (one-time) Investment

$100 - Wake 1 Man up to Kingdom Living
$500 - Wake 5 Men up to Kingdom Living
$1000 - Sponsor 4 Men for a Boot Camp Weekend
$2,000 - Sponsor 3 City-Wide Outreach BANDO Nights
$5,500 - Replicate BANDO in 1 new location
$7,500 - Underwrite 1 4SP Boot Camp for 45 Men
Other Amount "I'm supporting one of the Golfers in the 2017 Fundraising Tournament"
$150 - For Golfers 'Paying to Play' at the 2017 2nd Annual Golf Tournament

Golf Tournament Donation

Donation Amount 
Golfer donating to