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2015 Fall Four Streams (BANDO) Boot Camp Version 2.0

Fall has swept into North Georgia.  God has kissed this beginning of the new season with refreshing mornings and cooler nights.  

Come join 60 men for a weekend designed to move us all toward deeper transformation at the heart level. This CHANGE from 'glory to glory' (as Paul put it) is something that - at bottom - most people really don't believe.  That's why we yield to something LESS. 

"Ill DO more stuff (longer quiet time, more service, give bigger, try harder) because I need to conform to the external norms of Christianity.  But I'm not sure I really believe that God has intentions to change ME from the Inside-Out."

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What is God up to? It often feels like He is allowing damage or even assault against us - His Beloved. Most often He is doing the very difficult work (even for God) of removing our inner structures (thinking patterns, assumptions, deep beliefs) so that He can lovingly convince us that replacing them with His infrastructure will last forever. 

Making whole, holy and people who are 'happy in God' is only possible with God. This weekend is an Encounter Weekend. It is designed for you to meet with God; perhaps even wrestle with Him. His Intention, Desire and Design for you is Really Good.

Have you been able to contend (w/ God) for the deep, God-initiated change that you KNOW is required? The work of saying "Yes" to God in all of the areas and all of the ways that are necessary often require times of Reflection.  Get away with 50 other men this weekend to take another Intentional Step of getting (and staying) in sync with God.