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BANDO - Every Saturday morning from 6:59am - 9:31am (except Christmas Eve day)

  • BIS Benefits 10745 Westside Way #250, Alpharetta, GA 30009 USA (map)

Author Note:  I love 'The Far Side' so much and this image specifically that I plan on keeping it as the icon for our BANDO Event.

HISTORIC NOTE: Until his life's identity was further clarified, Robin Hood spent several years robbing from the rich and giving to the porcupines. ~ Gary Larson, The Far Side

BANDO (short for Band of Brothers)

2018 has come and time is already sprinting. Winter has hit Atlanta but will melt into Spring. Summer is not far and Autumn will be on it's heels. And Moses prayed,

Psalm 90:12 [Full Chapter]  So teach us to number our days, That we may gain a heart of wisdom.

From Season to Season, BANDO rolls forward. We meet EVERY Saturday of the year unless weather or some unusual event prevents it. Why? We meet a) to connect with God and b) to connect with other Men on their Kingdom Journey.

We meet at BIS Benefits, 10745 Westside Way, Suite 250, Alpharetta, GA 30009

As we continue 2018 we will explore the question, "What is Christianity supposed to do to a Man?"

But there is another question which begs a response and I hope I can adequately give language to such an answer.  First, the question: 

"What the heck is BANDO?"

Four Streams Partners, Inc has been officially conducting BANDO since the Spring of 2009. That was the year that we received our official 501c3 IRS designation as a non-profit. BUT, BANDO had been going on for 8 years - unofficially - prior to it's formalization into an official organization.  So what?

4Streams Partners began, primarily, as a ministry to take men away from their everyday habitat and away into 'wilderness' for a specific Men's Retreat. We started by partnering w/ Ransomed Heart ministries and facilitating retreats similar to the 'Wild at Heart Boot Camps' conducted by Ransomed Heart (although we named our retreats differently, as requested by RH). Since that time, we have conducted 60+ weekend retreats for Men; many of them born from Wild at Heart; others birthed by our love of Waking the Dead, all things C.S. Lewis, Dallas Willard, Neil Anderson, Tim Keller, George MacDonald, John Eldredge... and many others.

All that to say that our current version of BANDO is to continue the JOURNEY that we begin every time we immerse Men in the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. BANDO is fun; intensely spiritual; overtly non-religious (read that, 'not like a typical church service'); rooted in prayer; born of our love for the Scriptures; highly interactive; different every week. Men report week after week that they leave BANDO with a sense that the God of the universe has demonstrated love for them and connected - individually - with them on their unique Journey.  

Maybe that helps - a little - to describe what happens every Saturday morning in Alpharetta GA at BANDO.

The Kingdom is the Major Theme / the umbrella over everything we say and do at BANDO.

RESTORATION, Calling, Becoming Wholehearted Men, Living like a Son and not an orphan... these are the Big Ideas that we dip into each week.  And each week is different. Who knows how God will help us tie a Big Idea to Scripture? And which great story or film clip will we use to best illustrate something that becomes so Real that more and more men become increasingly aware that they can invite Jesus into those mundane moments throughout the week and find... More LIFE?  Who knows?  Come and See.