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2nd Annual 4Streams Partners Golf Tournament

Why a Golf Tournament?

If you want to PLAY in the Tournament, express your interest by contacting Buz Mayo at  He'll get back with you about details, options and any other information you wish to know.

If you don't want to play but DO wish to make a donation, click

Some call it a fundraiser. We'd like to offer two other options:  a) FunRaiser and b) FriendRaiser.  It's true that 4Streams Partners raises and receives financial support from 'Partners'.  But what seems More True is that the Community of Men needs More Opportunities to gather, connect and discover what it means to be a Covenant Friend.


When Four Streams Partners, Inc. came into being, we thought the main purpose was to do Men's Retreats.  And not just any kind of Men's Retreat... We planned on doing 'not-lame Men's Retreats'.  Our model was the Wild at Heart Boot Camps hosted by Ransomed Heart Ministries in Colorado.

We worked hard to create safe environments that weren't weird...  Because many men have been to those retreats where everything feels awkward, there is a Big Dinner on Friday Night with a Big Speaker. And everyone pretends that they like the Big Speaker and hanging out in a cabin with 7 other men they don't know.  But inwardly they can't wait to get in the car and head home.

Since we began we have had the opportunity to host over 60 Weekend Retreats for Men. They have proven to be spiritually intensive and we have watched - with great excitement - and seen that many Men begin a journey of Inside-Out Transformation on those outings. 

But what we didn't expect was our discovery of a deep void of Community for Men on this transformational journey. We began to meet every Saturday to 'continue the conversations' that began on the Weekend. And we added another day (Friday) for Men Under 40 to meet and explore what it looks like to Know God and Walk with God as Intimate Allies.

Now, we look for Opportunities to provide safe places for Men to explore an authentic connection with God through his son, Jesus Christ.  We hope that this 2nd Annual 4Streams Partners Golf Fundraiser will raise funds, friends and fun.