This was the Shotgun Start of Last Year's 1st Annual 4Streams Partners Golf Fundraiser

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Why a Golf Tournament?

Men are losing heart and hope in their Christian experience at an unprecedented pace. We 'know' lots of Truth - in our heads - but a  look at the culture of the Western church for the last century indicates that our pursuit of Truth has not brought Freedom. Rather it has put many under bondage. 

But this is not the first time this has happened. Jesus derailed his own reputation and burned the ears of the religious people during his time on earth. From a place of Love, Jesus seared the hearts of those who were perpetuating power and control - and completely missing the point of His Kingdom:

Matthew 23:15 (NCV) "How terrible for you, teachers of the law and Pharisees! You are hypocrites! You travel across land and sea to find one person who will change to your ways. When you find that person, you make him more fit for hell than you are.

If we get to do anything in cooperation with Kingdom, it is this. We get to point Men to the One King, this real, non-creepy, non-religious Jesus. And we are seeing Men actually change from the inside-out. And he is Playful, Disruptive, Dangerous for good and Free. And that is what he wants for you.  So, the 'Why?' behind this event is to expose more men to this King who won't be mocked or silenced.

If you want to PLAY in the Tournament, express your interest by contacting Buz Mayo at  He'll get back with you about details, options and any other information you wish to know.

If you don't want to play but DO wish to make a donation, click  

There you can support 4Streams Partners financially and let us know which of our Partners reached out to you to ask you to help us 'expand the footprint' of the ministry.

Some call it a fundraiser. We'd like to offer two other options:  a) FunRaiser and b) FriendRaiser.  It's true that 4Streams Partners raises and receives financial support from 'Partners'.  But what seems More True is that the Community of Men needs More Opportunities to gather, connect and discover what it means to be a Covenant Friend.