Playing For Free

(and we do most of the work for you!)

 Part of the 2017 field of 34 golfers. Our goal this year is to host 68 golfers. 

Part of the 2017 field of 34 golfers. Our goal this year is to host 68 golfers. 


Instead of donating money for an opportunity to play in this golf tournament we are suggesting another option. If you are one of the men who has received Life and Hope in Jesus and you want to demonstrate extravagant generosity, you can increase the total number of financial gifts by doing one thing. You can 'loan' us 50 (or so) of your contacts (email addresses) and we will work with you to craft a message that you feel good about and that your Friends, Colleagues and Family members will appreciate.
We'll write it. You edit it. We send the email out. We promise to not use your email list for any other purpose than this tournament. Your Colleagues, if they choose, can click a link that allows them to donate suggested amounts - or - any amount they choose.
It works kind of like this:

You have all either been approached by the cute little child who asks you go SPONSOR her while she runs laps to raise funds for her school basketball team.

She handed you the form that she got from her school. Fortunately, there were Options for one to fill out - because she was too terrified to explain very much. The Options were straightforward. It offered 'Suggested Amounts' for her effort and for the cause she was representing. It looked something like this:

"To purchase new uniforms for our Oak Grove School Basketball team, would you consider donating a Suggested Amount and writing a check today?
Donate $25_____     Donate $50_____     Donate $100_________  Other Amount"

What are we suggesting for our 'Play for Free'  golfers?

First, we want to make it EASY for our Golfing Partners to Play for Free. 

1.  We will write the email for you that gets sent to the people on your list. 

2.  Each email will be personalized to the First Name of your colleague, family member or friend.

3.  We will ask you to Review it FIRST so you can Edit the email and be completely comfortable with the wording that comes from You... and your own email address.

4.  The email will be sent from our Email System (Constant Contact) but it will be sent from YOUR email address. Everyone who reads it will experience a message from You.

5.  We promise to never use your email list for any other purpose than this Golf fundraising event.

The Big Idea is that our Play for Free Golfers have experienced Life Change through their involvement with Four Streams Partners. And the message of the email will express something like this:    "Would you consider supporting Me as I support Four Streams Partners?"  Watch two of the Men who put language to their experience of God, the Kingdom of Jesus and it's impact on them.

Paul Flannigan talks about his experience on a 4Streams Partners weekend. He reflects on mentoring… and being mentored.

What is the Message that Four Streams Partners is championing? And why is there a golf fundraiser? 

4Streams Partners is made up of many Men like you! We want to impart the ’DNA of the Kingdom of God’ to faithful Men anywhere in the world where God plants a community of Men affiliated with 4Streams. Our deep hope is that as Men receive More of the LIFE of Jesus, they can expand the footprint of the Kingdom of God to their own sphere of influence. (2 Timothy 2:2)  And as more communities of Men find connection with Jesus in the safe environments that 4Streams works to provide, we hope to find and support other Partners, Allies and additional Staff to do the work of the Kingdom.

Maybe you would like to see what a Sample Letter might look like. Click below to see what one of our own leaders wrote to the people in his sphere of influence.  We will send you an editable copy of a letter like this if you choose to participate. You make changes, send us your list of contacts and we will manage the process.

4Streams Coach, Tom Peters, prepares men to return home to their everyday reality after the catalytic 4Streams Fall Retreat.