What is our 'Why?'

What? How? Why? Everyone knows their 'What'. Fewer people know their 'How'. Not many know their 'Why?'

The 'Why?' behind a fundraising golf tournament for Four Streams Partners...

Our Mission Statement is:  "Awaken Men to More Life Through a Transformational Relationship with Jesus"

That drives everything we do. It informs our calendar and our budget. 

We know the joy of understanding our Calling. We are Called to point Men to the Source of Life. We cooperate with God to create safe environments for Men to Encounter Jesus. Our calendar for 2019 already holds 230+ meetings, workshops or retreats to 'Awaken Men'.

Our budget supports 3 Staff members, multiple contractors, equipment, software, venue fees and other business expenses. We charge men nothing for our 4 weekly events throughout the year. Many faithful partners contribute to 4Streams because they have experienced transformation from the Inside-Out. 

And we plan to expand the footprint of 4Streams Partners. We have come to know that God is our Provider. We're simply creating another opportunity for men to connect. And we hope to raise 15% of our annual budget with this fundraiser. 

Josh of San Diego, CA, reflects on his experience of working with 4Streams Partners.

I will never forget July 31, 2016, the first day I attended BANDO in Alpharetta, GA with 4 streams partners. You don’t forget days that changed your life. Speaking of life, that is exactly what I found at 4 streams partners. This ministry, as an ally of John Eldredge’s Ransomed Heart ministry, was an incredible answer to prayer seeking more from God. Through Buz Mayo’s incredible leadership, mentoring, discipling, I have found the exceedingly abundant life promised in John 10:10. Because I have been filled with more life through BANDO, our mid week BANDO Bible reading and prayer, Waking the Dead groups, Wild At Heart follow up groups, and weekend retreats including Advanced Restoration and Wild at Heart BASIC, I have been healed, set free, and given Kingdom authority to help other men who are broken find freedom and restoration through Jesus Christ. All glory to God. How rewarding it has been to bring other men to this place of living water and watch them be awakened to more life and transformed by Jesus.
— Parker, Cumming, GA, July 2018
I was introduced to Buz Mayo and the 4 Streams Ministry about 2 years ago. I attend a remarkable church in Georgia and had been involved with 2 different men’s small groups prior to attending a 4 Streams Band of Brothers meeting. My first meeting completely shifted my perspective and awakened me to the truth and power of an authentic community of men. I realized that these men were committed to the deep truths of the gospel and that it wasn’t just a place to practice our Christian speak but a training ground for true discipleship. Over the past two years I have been awakened to the truth of the message Jesus preached to his disciples and blessed to be a part of a community where we can be open and honest about our doubts, fears, trauma and walk in the healing power of Christ. Buz is a courageous warrior for every man who joins a meeting and the brothers here truly lift each other up and encourage each other in Christ. It has made me a better husband, father and friend. This group has helped me to connect to Christ and remain in his presence.
— Paul, Cumming, GA, November 2016
John Eldredge told us from Wild at Heart Boot Camp at Frontier Ranch in May of 2016 about “the allies network”. I found Four Streams Partners on the Ransomed Heart website in a few clicks and found a home! An avid reader of Waking the Dead, I was immediately attracted to the name since part 3 of WTD is named, “the four streams”. Whether it’s Jack Hayford, John Eldredge or Buz Mayo, the name is awesome. And the ministry is better. True. Authentic. Life giving. MORE LIFE and a TRANSFORMATIONAL relationship with Jesus Christ. Thank you RH for the referral and thank you BUZ and all the men of Four Streams Partners!
— Steve, Sandy Springs, GA, July 2018
For most of my 61 years I have lived only 2/3 of Jesus’ imperative to us: that we love God, and love others as we love ourselves. I didn’t see myself as lovable as those others, and thereby didn’t know how to love me, even though God made me with great value to know and enjoy Him. I am now in my 10th year of assisting Buz Mayo and the 4 Streams team to conduct weekends for men that are powerful and deep. In the course of those years God has revealed to me that I do have something to offer and that I do have what it takes — and I am resting in God’s call to encourage other men and help them to ‘get their hearts back.’ As I connect with other men in the unique design of these weekends — I myself am strengthened as we share each other’s story — and discover more of what God has to reveal about Himself as Father, Son and Spirit.
— Richard, Alpharetta, GA, February, 2015