Signature Weekend Retreats

There Is a Mission!

There Is a Mission!

An Entry Point into Redemptive Community

We conduct retreats for men as a point of entry for what's going on in Four Streams and God's larger story of the Kingdom. The weekends are really the anchor for what we do and who we are, and are designed to awaken and restore the hearts of men toward God and their purpose. These weekends transcend religious boundaries and are orchestrated to move men from living superficially toward living authentically. We're hunting for men who are hungry and thirsty for more. And there is always more LIFE. 

Since 2004, we have been on 63 Weekend "Missions" with men. The common experience of so many of the men who have attended is an “Aha” experience, resulting in transformation and in many cases ongoing participation in small groups of like-minded men who wish to keep partnering with Four Streams. Nearly 90 men have been trained to Coach other guys in a weekend format. Over time, we've been fortunate to have been invited to put on these events and retreats like this for churches and mens groups across the country, and as far away as South Africa. 


  • We create an environment for men to Encounter God. 
  • Time is set aside for Reflection (You and God, conversing together).
  • This is an Active Weekend rather than a Passive one. Yes, you'll take in some great ideas but You will play a key role in the lives of other men. 
  • Transformation is the result of stepping into God's on-going process that awakens, deepens and fulfills.

Radio talk show host Mike Slater comments on his positive experience attending a weekend retreat with 4Streams Partners.

I have attended the retreat and it is, no doubt, a great experience. I have not found that experience to be available in any other setting. When a man begins to articulate the story of his life, and particularly about how he has received and responded to the arrows (or wounds) in his life, a sense of clarity and remarkable healing begins to take place
— Attendee
The result of this weekend for me was the awakening of my heart to the Larger Story that God is telling. I woke up to the reality that God’s story had been going on long before I arrived here and that he had a unique role for me to play.
— Attendee