How does a 20-something (or 30-something) man live a life that really matters?

Men in their 20's and 30's find themselves thrust into Life - often unequipped - and find that they don't really have anyone to trust. At least not anyone who has any 'mileage' on their hiking boots.

If you are 20 to 40, you probably have a pretty good BS meter.  You've even tried to find someone who might be a sounding board for your ideas, dreams or... fears. You have read enough to know that men who attempt something as daunting as climbing Mt. Everest don't even think about it without engaging the Sherpa. The Sherpa has made dozens of climbs up the face of many different mountains. He has even failed in some of his attempts. But the valuable Sherpa has also overcome a great many obstacles.  That's the guy you want to get to know. 


In 2010, Four Streams was approached with a need for exporting our content for young men. What followed were weekend retreats and mentoring that were geared toward our Young Guns in the Atlanta area. It seemed critical for us to model and impart Biblical leadership principles and Godly wisdom for the future leaders of God's church; young men ranging from 18-25 years old, typically in college or having just graduated.  We offered weekend retreats tailored toward young men hungry and thirsty to pursue the Full Life promised by God. Click below to inquire about the next Young Guns initiative. 


We have shifted our focus from 'Weekends Only' to a regular, weekly Gathering for men in the 20-40 demographic. We meet early on Friday mornings - early enough for a man to get in, get out and find his way to the office in time for work. We believe that Weekend Boot Camps will follow.  

We meet near Perimeter Mall.  Click the LEARN MORE block below to ask us exactly when and where.  We'll get back with you.  Promise.