Calling Roundtables

We conduct Calling Roundtables that equip men to grasp their own unique purpose and destiny as sons created in God's image. This is NOT about finding the ideal job (although it may help a man in that way). Rather it is about uncovering your true identity and direction in life. It's about finding that central motivational thrust in every man that is often apparent to others but hidden from the individual. It is a group coaching experience that takes place once a week (2 hours) for 8 weeks. Since calling is such a mystery to so many people, this workshop has proven helpful for many men who have gone through previous sessions. We incorporate a methodology and exercises that reveal to many some of the deep passions and fundamental gifting or desires that they have put aside for years for any number of reasons. The intent is to help people take their place in a great Battle along with the Living God. Space is limited. Click below to find out about the next available Roundtable.