About 4Streams Partners


Partners, Allies, Captains, & Coaches



Who are Partners? These are the men & women who come alongside the team at Four Streams and do things that allow us to reach out to men in radical & unconventional ways. Most of them have participated in one or more Environments (Weekend Retreat, Calling Roundtable, BANDO, etc.). Some of them pray with us and for us (Thank you!). Many have decided to support Four Streams financially. How grateful we are to those who give sacrificially!



And Allies?  These warriors for the Kingdom are both Friends & Allies.  T.R.A.I.L Ministries (Chattanooga, TN); The Noble Heart (Colorado Springs, CO); Ransomed Heart Ministries (Colorado City, CO); and Iron and Fire Ministries (Norcross, GA) are a few of the Allies that we joyfully promote and sometimes collaborate with. They have come alongside us in strategic ways and we thank God for them!



Who are Captains?  Our Captains are men who have been walking with us at Four Streams Partners for years (some as long as 11 years). These men have coached and led groups on weekends, and have stepped up in significant ways to lead smaller Bands of Brothers on an ongoing basis. We are committed to equipping them to take the DNA of Four Streams into their own spheres of influence.


Who are Coaches?  There are almost 90 men who have 'coached' with us on weekends.  That means that they have given themselves to God for the purpose of listening and speaking into the lives other men. These coaches are trained and equipped to live and lead intentionally, both for themselves and for the men in their groups.  They play a critical role on our Signature Weekends (There is a Mission!) and help men discover more about their Truest Self and identity in Christ.