The whole man

From two men to four. Then pretty quickly to eight. And then ten. We’re now up to 24 men. We meet every Friday morning at 6:30am. It is hard to find language to describe what is happening in this group of Men.

Except for Al Elmore & Buz Mayo, the men are in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. Maybe the best phrase to describe this group is that it is a gathering of ‘Men under Construction’. These men have committed to give God this decade and have traded their own effort at building their kingdoms so that God will build their character.

Each man is finding his own expression of what it means to ‘Become Good Soil’.

Golf twm5.jpeg

We play together…

Sometimes it’s golf. Other times it’s a bonfire on a cold night. The point is CONNECTION…

The 2018 3rd Annual Four Streams Partners Golf Fundraiser 


We explore new territory together…

This was a Steering Committee Meeting. The mood was somber.


We celebrate Life together.

Matt & Nicole at the baby shower in anticipation of the arrival of Tallulah.


We make time to do more than just ‘check the box’

We inaugurated Jacob’s new home with a night out on the patio with a fire.