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ONE NIGHT OUT - Studio Movie Grill, Man Food, Film(s) and How It Affects Your STORY

WHY THIS EVENT?  An active Community of "Men on Mission" in Atlanta is INVITING ALL MEN to experience the pursuit of the 4Streams Partners Mission Statement:  TO AWAKEN MEN TO MORE Life Through a TRANSFORMATIONAL Relationship with Jesus.  

A Band of Brothers - What does that even mean?  We think it means several things.  For 4Streams Partners, the context for connecting with men who 'have your back' is the larger context of The Kingdom of God.  Have you noticed that we don't live in Eden? And that the world is fallen? I suppose you have.  And since there is an invisible Kingdom with a very Real King (Jesus), we choose to believe that we can live from an Identity that is rooted in heaven - where He lives.


A band of brothers grows from, at least, two additional tenants. In this Kingdom context we promote, pray for and encourage 1) SHARED FRIENDSHIP & 2) SHARED MISSION.  

Our band of brothers picked up a nickname several years ago. It was inadvertently called BANDO - and that name STUCK.  We started to call this special night 'A Taste of BANDO' but we realized that 'BANDO' was something difficult to understand if one had not experienced it.  So we're calling it 'ONE NIGHT OUT'.  

It is not a fund raiser. It really is a FRIEND raiser. FOR MEN WHO ARE HUNGRY & THIRSTY for MORE Life in Christ (John 10:10), we'd like to introduce you to our community and how it works RELATIONALLY.  

DETAILS: This night will be very close to what we do when we meet EVERY SATURDAY MORNING FROM 7:00AM TO 9:30AM.  We'll see & hear "Stories with a Point" in movie trailers & scenes from your favorite films.  We will invite God's spirit to connect with each man and we'll tie everything we do to God's Word.  It will be great fun but it will also be more than that.

Further details: To come, click the link above to REGISTER.  When you arrive, go to the REGISTRATION TABLE to take care of your meal selection and get a name tag.  They will tell you which theater to find.  Be in your seat by 7:00pm so they can take up your order. Come prepared to connect with God, hear from Him and move forward with new Strength.

You will hear some details about our upcoming Fall 4Streams Boot Camp 2.0 Retreat in November.  We're hoping that you'll walk out, surprised by a group of men who are learning to walk together in freedom & love.  We hope you'll say, 'Holy Cow!! I didn't know this kind of thing existed in my world!!" And we're hoping that you join us as Intimate Allies with God against His enemy -- and yours.

Earlier Event: July 10